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Monthly Update

Kia Ora

I hope November has treated you well and you are starting to wind down for Christmas with some long summery lunches!

This month at kōura we started our corporate workshops and spoke to the teams at DLA, Deloitte, MBM, Flick Electricity and Madison about KiwiSaver. We had some really interesting discussions: 

  • for one group in their 20s who were looking to purchase a home in the next few years, they were shocked to learn that they should be in a conservative fund in order to protect their home deposit.
  • people were really surprised when I told them that contributing 3% and investing it in the right fund would yield them the same outcome as contributing 6% but being in a default fund would.
  • with another group we had an interesting debate on the age at which a member should start de-risking considering your retirement needs to last for atleast 20 years after your KiwiSaver matures.

I'd love to come talk at your office too - just drop me a line and we can set something up for the new year.

Enjoy the articles below. My favourite is the one quantifying the value of advice (be it digital or personal). We are passionate about helping people here at kōura and too many people are missing out because they don't have anyone to turn to for sound financial advice.

If you like what you read, please forward this to a friend or colleague - we'd love for them to come check out kōura too!

Warm Regards,

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KiwiSaver & Market Update

NovNews_Market Update

Improving sentiment around the world has lifted global markets back to record highs (apart from the emerging markets). However, markets continue to remain choppy and remain at the whim of the next tweet from Donald Trump and what happens with the US/China trade deal. 

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The value of advice for your KiwiSaver - an external perspective


A common piece of feedback we receive at kōura is why do I need advice. We were really happy to see an independent report that quantified that in 2019, the value of securing financial advice is 5% or more in returns per annum. 

kōura of course is a digital adviser and so we compared the “benefits of advice” discussed in the research paper and assessed how we provide those same benefits to a kōura KiwiSaver member.

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Want to retire better?

Being in the wrong KiwiSaver plan can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. kōura tailors your KiwiSaver to your needs and risk profile so that you can make intelligent KiwiSaver decisions and enjoy a better financial future.

Find out the right KiwiSaver plan for you

NZ's Zero Carbon Bill and what it means for your KiwiSaver


November started on a positive note with the government passing the Zero Carbon bill. With the Climate Change bill coming into action and the ongoing public outcry around KiwiSaver funds having exposure to nuclear weapons it is clear that KiwiSaver providers must invest to reflect the moral values of their 3 million investors.

But what does this mean in real terms and how can passive investors like kōura play a part?

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53% of Kiwi's are in the wrong type of KiwiSaver fund!


Comparing funds and trying to assess different underlying asset mixes, fees or historical returns is really hard.  No wonder Kiwis put investing in the ‘too confusing’ basket and leave their KiwiSaver where it is. 

A recent survey done by kōura uncovered that 53% of Kiwis are in the wrong type of KiwiSaver fund based on their risk appetite and objectives. Not making a decision (or making the wrong one) could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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